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Convert text to ASCII and vice versa for free, with no installation required.
We acknowledge that the security of your data is vital, which is why our platform does not keep any private information about visitors.
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Welcome to our online ASCII encoding and decoding tool!

With this free tool, you can easily encode and decode text to and from ASCII format. ASCII encoding converts plain text characters into their corresponding ASCII codes, while ASCII decoding does the reverse, converting ASCII codes back into their respective characters.

Our tool supports a wide range of characters and symbols, making it versatile for encoding and decoding various types of text. Whether you need to convert plain text to ASCII for transmission over text-based protocols or decode ASCII back into readable text, our tool has got you covered.

To use our ASCII encoding and decoding tool, simply paste your text into the input box and select the desired action (encode or decode). Then, click the corresponding button to generate the output. It's that easy!

With no installation required, our online tool is convenient and accessible from any device with an internet connection. Start encoding and decoding text in ASCII format today for free, and streamline your text processing tasks with ease!

We understand the paramount importance of your data security, which is why our platform operates on a strict policy of not retaining any private information about visitors. At our website, we are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy, ensuring that all user actions remain anonymous. This commitment is reflected in our privacy policy, which delineates our practices regarding the collection, utilization, and protection of your data when accessing our services.